Creating Daily Rituals

Lift upyour daily rituals with flowers. Pink Peony from trader Joes
Lift up your daily rituals with flowers. Pink Peonies from Trader Joe's

The addition of fresh flowers turns everyday tasks into nurturing daily rituals. Trader Joe’s has cut flowers, like these pink peonies, at very reasonable prices.

Note-I wrote this article on daily rituals for my clients a few years ago.  I have reprinted it here because we all need a little reminder to keep nurturing rituals.  So here it is being introduced to.  If you would like to copy it would you please show me some love and link it back to me for credit?



Daily Rituals Turn The Everyday Into Something Special

There are some things you do every day without even thinking about them.  No matter how jam-packed your day is, you still get out of bed, grab your cup of coffee, shower, make breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, open the mail……and get back into bed at the end of the day.

You probably have never heard “Life is in the major events” We have all heard “Life is in the details”.  It is not the big party, the final project or performance that defines who we are.  Who we are is in the details of how we live our daily life.

Think about the things you do every day.  No one knows how to care for you better than yourself.  You may think, “I have no time for me”.  Before you can care for anyone or anything else, you must be nourished yourself.

Pay attention to the simple details of daily tasks.  What can you do to make them into a time of pleasure?  Use all of your senses; how does it feel, look, smell, sound and taste? Creating daily rituals will turn the everyday into an event.

Waking up, coffee and showering

Do you wake up to the screeching of an alarm clock or do you wake to your favorite music?  When you open your eyes, do you see a pile of unfolded laundry or a picture of a favorite vacation spot?  Do your feet hit a cold floor or do they sink into a lush carpet?

Do you sip your morning coffee or tea from a beautiful cup while watching the sunrise as you write in your journal or do you leave yourself so little time that you’re drinking from a styrofoam cup while battling the morning traffic?

Do you dry off with a scratchy towel while hearing about last night’s shooting on the news? Do you cuddle up in an absorbing robe while you sing your favorite song?  Do you use your husband’s soap or do you have a favorite shower gel of your own?

Lunch, mail and evening

Do you scramble around trying to figure out what to feed the kids for lunch and end up eating soggy chicken nuggets while standing in front of the microwave or do you feed them so they can get in for an early rest time and you sit at the table having a salad from a Tuscan bowl while reading a chapter of the latest best seller?

Do you have mail piled up on the counter? Is it there for so long there is no space to make a sandwich? Do you sit in a comfy chair with an antique letter opener and beautiful file folders to open the daily mail?

Do you crawl into bed too exhausted from the day to even care that you have mascara stains on your pillow from not washing your face or do you use a basket in the bathroom with your face cleanser and favorite night cream, light a candle, sip a seltzer water from a wine glass and think about the beautiful day you have just had?

With a little planning and personalized details, daily tasks can become a time of enrichment for you.  The way to live a happy and fulfilling life is to make the daily 95% of your life beautiful and pleasurable.

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