Sunday Thoughts – I’m Ready for Spring. Are You?

Daffodils and hyacynths are a sign we are ready for spring.

Daffodils and hyacynths are a sign we are ready for spring.

Who’s ready for spring?

Spring officially begins in less than 2 hours, yay! Some springtime rituals are taking place around here.

It feels so good.

Signs We’re Ready For Spring

  • The snow IS melting here in central Massachusetts.  I can see grass on about 40% of our front yard.
  • Daffodils are sprouting in the garden on the south side near the warm foundation.
  • I pulled up all the driveway reflectors this past week.
  • The planter at the mailbox has been stripped of the red branches, pinecones and boughs.  I can’t wait to plant some pansies.  Has anyone seen them for sale yet?
  • The “winter” wreath has been replaced with an early spring creation of yellow and purple pansies with a big bow to blow in the March winds.
  • My snow baby collection is ready to be packed up and put away until next December. I think I’ll replace it with my Dedham Ware.
  • The bird feeder has been taken down.  This makes me sad but at this time of year, the bears are a lot hungrier than the birds.  Our deck is a little too close for the big Teddies to be visiting.
  • My sweetie set up the small table and chairs on the deck so we can sit outside as the days continually get warmer.
  • I won’t be wearing turtlenecks anymore.  Darn those things are so uncomfortable!
  • Our favorite homemade ice cream stand is open for the season!  We go almost every Sunday night.  We’re going there now.  At least the ice cream doesn’t melt too fast.  I’ll be the one with the winter coat and gloves! Happy Spring!

How do you celebrate the beginning of Spring?