Spring-Bring Some New Life to Your Interior Decorating

Yellow daffodils bring new life to spring decorating

A bouquet of bright yellow daffodils brings new life to every room in your home.


Happy first day of Spring! Let’s bring some new life into your home decor. Over the next several posts I’ll show some very easy and doable tips to refresh your home for Spring.

Bring in New Life for Spring

Real plants and flowers are so much nicer than the browned dried floral arrangements and the dust collecting silks. Orchids are exotic, low maintenance and the blooms last for several weeks.

Bringing new Life Indoors for spring

It is Spring in the corner of this room all year round. Live plants bring in new life. They are healthy for you physically, they give off oxygen, and psychologically.


You don’t have a green thumb? Get a single fish and put it in a beautiful bowl as a centerpiece. Several small glass bowls with one fish in each make for very interesting mantel decor. Use fresh fruit as accents. A bowl of lemons, limes and oranges is very refreshing.

Pears, lemons and a spring chicken bring new life to your home decor.

All types of fruit and vegetables add color and texture as decorative accents. Including the new life of a spring chicken!


Contact me if you would like to refresh your windows and home for Spring.