Inspiring View – Designing Spaces To Comfort, Warm and Nurture

Winter Morning Window

Custom interior design that provides comfort, warm and nurture. Arch-top window treatment, upholstered Parsons chair. See more Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian.

When I look up from the design rendering I’m working on, this is my view.

When I’m not out consulting at a client’s home or office, I work from home.  I have a large studio which houses all of my samples (thousands of them), cutting table and various machines.  It’s very utilitarian for maximum productivity. My design studio is not a place of comfort, warm and nurture.

Portable technology allows me to easily move around from room to room when I am designing on the computer.  Depending on the season and my mood I pick a place to work where I’ll be inspired.

Designing Spaces To Comfort, Warm And Nurture

I’m in need of warmth and lots of comforts today.  The dining room is my office du jour.  There’s no better place to inspire designs than looking up to see a beautiful arched top custom window treatment.  The custom upholstered chair is a cozy place to talk on the phone and enjoy the daylight.  Looking through the window, I dream of warmer temperatures so I can go work in the gazebo.  Nature always inspires me as these delicate flowers are a reminder of my mom, sweet Violette.

I realize it’s not just rooms I’m designing for my clients. I am designing spaces to comfort, warm and nurture them.  With all of this beauty surrounding me, I may glance up a little more often to think and reflect. Work will get done, perhaps a little slower…



Look up from your computer, iPad or phone; what’s your view?

Does your workspace inspire you to be your best?

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