Classic Swags And Cascades

Trend Fabrics Timeless Embroidery and RM Coco faux raw silk

Classic Swag

Classic Swag and Cascade is Simple and Elegant 

Classic Swag and Cascade design rendering. for a Holden, MA client. Visit the site to see the completed project.

The design rendering to show the client exactly what the classic swag and cascade treatment will look like in the fabrics selected.

A classic swag and cascade is a timeless window treatment. The shape of a swag is an odd trapezoid.  Pleats form along the top with lots of fullness that falls into graceful curving swags.

A cascade, or sometimes called a jabot, is along the sides of the treatment. The fabric tapers and folds in vertical pleats. This design will have the cascade mounted underneath the swag.  A custom swag and cascade treatment dresses the window and frames a beautiful view.

Trend Fabrics Timeless Embroidery and RM Coco faux raw silk to be made into classic swags and cascades. See more at

Fabrics on the cutting table to be cut into classic swags and cascades

Classic swags and cascades are best made from softly draping fabric like this beautiful fabric with embroidery from Trend Fabrics.  The solid silk-like fabric from RM Coco will be the accent for the swag and the lining for the cascades.

Check back later to see how fabulous they’re going to look in my clients home. The motivation to redecorate……..the marriage of their daughter.  So exciting!

The room is going to be a beautiful backdrop for pictures!       xoxo


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