Where Is This Window Treatment? – A Fun Contest

Where's This Window Treatment? Valance
Where's This Window Treatment? Valance

We’re having a window treatment contest. Have you seen this window treatment?

Hey Worcester County readers, do you recognize this window treatment?  

Sorry I haven’t posted to this blog in a while.  I have been immersed in a big project.  This special client has included lots of design consulting on color, artwork, furniture and of course custom window treatments.  I’m so excited this is a public space so you can check it out for yourself!

Where is it?  Well, that is where the contest comes in.  I thought it would be a little fun to involve YOU in this and make it into a contest.  You’re going to love the prizes too!

Window Treatment Contest Details

  • Determine the location of this custom window treatment in the Worcester area and take a picture of it (cell phone or camera)
  • Post your own photo of this window treatment on my Facebook wall.  I would love to hear what you think of the place too.  You must post on my business page Window Designs Etc.  Posts to my personal wall will not be valid.
  • The first three people who post a photo on my wall will each receive a $25 gift certificate to the location of these beautiful custom window treatments (hint, hint).
  • Sorry employees, mine or theirs, are not eligible for this contest.

So charge up your camera, grab your cellphone and get out there to photograph these window treatments.  Here are a few more close-ups for you.

Window Treatment Contest Where's This Window Treatment? Center Detail

Window Treatment contest Where's This Window Treatment? Side Detail

Good Luck!

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