My Little Girl Dreams Came True

Amy's room when she was three.

The dreams of a 7 years old

Growing up the baby sister to two brothers left me lots of time for imaginative girl play.  Two things I recall doing was playing house (I made floor plans by raking pine needles into blueprint style rooms) and playing with baby dolls.

I was about seven when I declared that I would one day have a doll named Amy.  As my family can attest, I am very determined to make my dreams into a reality.

Amy 2 weeks old My little girl dreams come true. 2 week old whaie baby girls with dark hair

She was my real live doll at two weeks old. Her dark brown eyes and the pink bow in her hair were a small glimmer of her future.

Little Girls Dreams Come True

 Bows, dresses and a room to decorate

I had so much fun making dresses for my baby and tying bows in her hair.  Of course, I also had the opportunity to design a dream room for our very own princess.

Amy's room when she was three. Little girl dreams. Childs room in pink and green with bows and flowers

Decorating for my very own doll was so much fun. 

This is what her room looked like when she was three years old.  All of the ruffles, bows and pink were a reflection of her personality.  The animal silhouette clouds on the ceiling were left over from her nursery.  The full-size princess bed with crowne and upholstered headboard gave her plenty of room to grow up in.

Amy's senior picture Little girl dreams come true

Lilley Photography, Cape Cod




 Dreams Really Do Come True

Happy 18th Birthday Amy!

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