Favorite Silk Fabrics

Embroidery Detail on coral pink silk fabric

I am passionate about these favorite silk fabrics.  It is from a collection that has been out a few years by RM Coco.  Every time I am searching for a fabric for a client and come across this, my heart skips a beat.

Favorite silk fabrics from RM Coco like this pink embroidered fabric from India. Window Designs

Favorite Fabric-100% embroidered silk from India- A RM Coco Exclusive

Sadly, I have never used this colorway in any of my designs.  I have used the same pattern in a brilliant turquoise which I will post on in the near future.  Take a look at the detail.

Embroidery Detail on one of my favorite silk fabrics in pink. Window Designs

Close up detail of the embroidery

Favorite Silk Fabrics That Coordinate

In my designer dream room, I can see it paired with one of these solids as an accent.

Green silk taffeta is one of my favorite silk fabrics in a solid. Window Designs Etc.

Silk taffeta as an accent fabric

Light pink silk taffeta is one of my favorite silk fabrics from RM Coco.

Pink silk taffeta

I love to mix patterns.  This stripe is a fun coordinate.  It is woven with “stitching lines” to give it great textural interest.

Favorite silk fabrics like this stripe in pink, gold and green coordinates with embroidered and solid fabrics in the collection. Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

Silk stripe as a coordinating fabric

In my designer dream room, I would use these in window treatments, bedding, pillows and upholstery in a sophisticated master suite.

Do these fabrics make your heart leap?

Where would you use these fabrics?

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