Charlotte Moss Style From Fabricut

Green fabrics by Charlotte Moss Fabricut
Fabricut sample books Charlotte Moss style

Sample books and memo samples shown in your own home is the best way to select the perfect fabric for your room.

Charlotte Moss Style For Fabricut

Fabricut, one of my leading fabric companies, has partnered with Charlotte Moss to create this unique collection.  All of the fabrics intermingle together to tell a story.
Green fabrics by Charlotte Moss Style Fabricut

Charlotte Moss says…

“Every curtain needs a lining — every sofa needs a pillow — and every chair needs the perfect trim.  Select, select, select. As designers, that is what we do. I have designed this collection not as a group of fabrics that just seem to nicely go together, but rather as rooms, because that is what I have been doing my entire career.”

Charlotte Moss fabrics by Fabricut as seen in House Beautiful

Charlotte Moss’ fabric collection in blues as seen in House Beautiful

“Layering fabric creates a unified look that’s anything but boring.  My collection for Fabricut makes it easy.  I designed a coordinated range of patterns and textures in the same shade”

Fabricut Charlotte Moss fabrics Charlotte- Clover, Caroline- Grass, Claire- Fairblanca,

The green room by Charlotte Moss

“If a room is warm and inviting, it’s because someone has thought about how the room will open its arms and be ready to receive guests, just like a good hostess.  the arrangement of furniture should encourage conversation because the interaction is what brings a room to life.”

Charlotte Moss fabric by Fabricut quote“An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author.”

Fabricut pattern Charlotte baskets by Charlotte Moss

A fun basket motif in the collection is named Caroline. It’s available in 5 yummy colors.

This statement fabric is printed on a 100% cotton basket weave (surprise, surprise) fabric. Because of it’s large repeat it will be a fabulous covering for a sofa, made into a Roman shade or the perfect pillow for the summer porch.

Embrace Charlotte Moss style philosophy

“Live passionately, decorate luxuriously and entertain beautifully.”

Decorating is about breaking all those silly rules…..”




What do you think of the Charlotte Moss collection?

If you were designing your dream room, which fabric would you choose?

For my Wachusett area locals, what business owner reminds you of Charlotte Moss?

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