#TBT – 1980’s Bedroom In Peach And Green Is Out Of Style

1980's bedroom #TBT in interior design. Peach and green bedroom from the 80's More on blog Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

It’s time to look back at the designs of the past. This 1980’s bedroom shows the era’s style.  Thirty-three years ago, when I started Window Designs Etc, the styles were VERY different than today.

Fortunately, I invested in some good photography for my, then hand carried a leather portfolio.

The photos do tell the story of how interior design and custom window treatments have evolved over the years.

1980’s Bedroom Is Out Of Style

1980's Bedroom - #TBT in interior design. Peach and green bedroom from the 80's More on blog Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

At the time this was a well-designed master bedroom in THE most exclusive neighborhood in Shrewsbury, MA.

The silk screen is still beautiful as a headboard but that’s the only piece that would transform into today’s homes.

What’s dated in this room

  • The window treatments are swags and cascades over fabric covered PVC with ball finials.  See more #TBT window treatments using PVC here and here.
  • The shades are single layer pleated shades. Today’s shades are much nicer looking honeycomb like Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella.
  • Moulding with stain is not in style here (it is still nice in some room designs) Paint is better
  • The walls are light pastel peach.  More color, please.
  • The coverlet on the bed, while it looks nice, was a 14-ounce fill king size reversible monster.  I remember that thing must have weighed 35 lbs!
  • Pillows – Oh so few and too small, let alone that tied green wrap on the square pillows look very skimpy.  Bring on the large European pillow shams.
  • Those night stands are way too small.
  • The “flowering” tree in the corner…throw it away and add in some lush live greenery.
  • The colors peach and green are passe’.

I am sure this room no longer exists.  The family has since moved.  I’m sure the new owners have a stylish up to date master suite.

Do YOU still have peach and green in your home?



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