Set Your Thanksgiving Table Like You Were Decorating A Room

Mix and match china patterns for an interesting Thanksgiving table. More ideas on the blog

Thanksgiving Table Decorating

Thanksgiving table decorating in an antique filled dining room. More ideas on the blog

Your dining room table is like an empty room waiting to be decorated with style and taste.

  • The tablecloth is the backdrop of your Thanksgiving table. I prefer a solid damask instead of a busy print.  Food is more appealing against a solid.

Mix and match china patterns for interesting Thanksgiving table decorating. More ideas on the blog

  • Your dishes are the main pieces of “furniture”. Every piece does not have to match. Mixing patterns will create more interest.  If you are fortunate to have some heirloom pieces, now is the time to use them.  Treasures from the past have a story to tell, especially at your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving table decorating. Thanksgiving centerpiece of cranberries, flowers, candle and demitasse cups on a silver tray. More ideas on the blog

  • The centerpiece is the focal point so it should set the theme and have all of the colors of your decorating scheme.

Antique china is the focal point of Thanksgiving table decorating. More ideas on the blog

  • Napkins and candles are the accent pieces.  Select them in colors that compliment the rest of the table and make it “pop”.


  • Have fun with it.  Don’t stress if it’s not perfect.  Thanksgiving is more about your guests than a perfect table.  The food is pretty important too so you had better get cooking!


Take Time To Notice

  • Cooking is more fun when everyone helps out
  • A beautifully set table makes the food taste better
  • The best Thanksgiving treats are a loving family
  • Making a gratitude list (just five things) before going to bed will leave you sleeping with a smile
  • The smell of the turkey roasting makes your mouth water


Thanksgiving table decorating. Thanksgiving twig cornucopia. More ideas on the blog

Happy Thanksgiving



Presentation of food, presentation of your home, it’s all the same. Need help decorating?  Contact me today, I will guide you in the best decisions to make your house into a home you love.

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