I Made the Sunday Paper!

Marie in her Nurturing Space
Marie in her Nurturing Space as seen in the Worcester T & G Sunday paper featuring an interior designer mom cave. White wicker chaise lounge, pink and green stripe cushions, pink and green floral china teacup.

As seen in the Sunday paper. A peek into my personal space. Every morning I sit here, enjoy my coffee, journal, pray, read and center myself for the day.

Worcester T & G Sunday Paper

Yes, Worcester area residents are seeing this photo while enjoying their morning coffee and reading the Sunday Telegram.  I was interviewed for this article earlier this week.  The photographer came yesterday to snap some photos.

Please read the full article here.  Donna Boynton conveyed my ideas so well. John Ferrarone’s photos say it all.  Thank you T & G.

You have had a sneak peek into my nurturing world. I promise I will share the details of the room design very soon.  Right now it’s time to pour my coffee and read the Sunday paper.  You know where I will be.

Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day!

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