8 ½ Steps to a Romantic Bedroom

Romantic Bedding

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Decorating A Romantic Bedroom

The bedroom is the most important room to a romantic couple.  It is your own little sanctuary away from family and work demands.  Your bedroom should be calm, clean and uncluttered.  The decorations set the stage for the mood of the room.  Paying attention to some simple details will transform your room from just a place to sleep to a lush romantic getaway.

  • 1. Get rid of the clutter. A cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind. Eliminate the distraction of bills, laundry and kids toys.  Pack away everything that does not say “love” into boxes and put them someplace else in the house.  (Under the bed works fine too.)
  • 2. Make an inviting bed. Invest in the best mattress that your budget allows.  You spend 1/3 of your life in bed; you might as well be comfortable.  Splurge a little on your bed linens for a truly romantic bedroom.  Sheets that are worn and scratchy are just going to be irritating.  I like cotton flannel to keep us warm in winter and luxurious cotton sateen for summer.  Add a down filled or fluffy fiber filled comforter for an inviting look.
    Romantic Bedroom - Add lots of pillows and a throw for a romantic bed

    Romantic bedding with lots of pillows and a custom throw

  • 3. Pillow talk. In addition to your sleeping pillows, add lots of throw pillows in various shapes and sizes.  Use luxurious and sensual fabrics.  Pillows create the romantic ambiance of a bed that you just can’t wait to jump into.
  • 4. Candle light. Place lots of candles around your room. Use different sizes and colors.  Be sure they are in a safe and fireproof place.  Light them all, turn off the lights and feel the warmth and sensuality of flickering light.

You’re almost half way to a romantic bedroom

  • 5. Something pretty to look at. Flowers are nature’s gift of romance.  A few simple flowers will brighten up any room.  Float rose petals in a glass bowl.  Keep the decorations simple but meaningful.  Dig out the valentines you gave each other in the past. Frame a picture of the two of you when you were first datng. Add anything that has special meaning to both of you.
  • 6. Heavenly scents. Entice even your nose in the romantic bedroom.  Studies show that vanilla is the most appealing scent to both men and women.  Burn scented candles, put out a bowl of potpourri, lightly spray the sheets with your favorite perfume.
  • 7. The sound of music. Do you have a special song?  What played at your wedding?  Special music will trigger happy memories. Make a play list on your ipod and plug it into speakers.  A favorite CD you both like will work too.  No radio stations with interrupting commercials.
  • 8. In case you get hungry.Bring in a tray of plump juicy strawberries, smooth dark chocolate and tickling bubbly champagne.  In addition to how yummy they taste, the colors, shapes and textures are beautiful to look at too.
    Romantic Bedroom Pink Cupcakes

    Even cupcakes can be romantic. My daughter Amy made these.

  • ½. You. The most important thing you can do for your partner is taking care of yourself.  Get plenty of rest (just not tonight with this romantic bedroom you’re creating!), eat healthy foods, get some exercise and spend time enjoying what you love to do.  I have given you all the necessary steps to decorate your room for romance.  Now go find your other half!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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