The Beach House Series – Blue Bedroom Window Treatments

blue lighthouse window treatments for beach house

The Beach House Series Cape Cod Master Bedroom Window treatments for beach house. See more on by Marie Mouradian

 Window Treatments For Beach House Master Bedroom

Blue fabrics and shells for master bedroom. window treatments for beach house.  See more at

Here are the fabrics and large clam shells that will be window treatments for a beach house.

A restful night’s sleep is a “shore” thing in this Cape Cod master bedroom.

The sound of waves along the beach and a lighthouse horn in the distance are the formula for a good night’s sleep while on the Cape.  

The client fell in love with the casual comfort of the chambray patchwork of the Ralph Lauren bedding.

Large quahog or clam shells are abundant along the beaches of Cape Cod Bay.  It’s always a good idea to incorporate some of the local items into window treatments for beach house. Yes, shells are a great accent for beach window decor.

Wide views of cape cod blue bedroom window treatments for beach house. Large clam shells and blue lighthouse fabric on valances. See more at

Above is the beach house bedroom complete. Notice the lighthouse prints on the wall and the bedside lamps.  A fabric in a lighthouse pattern works beautifully in the room. 

Detail of Lighthouse and yellow pleating on window treatment for beach house. Cape Cod master bedroom. See more at

Love the details in the window treatment.  The blue toile fabric features seaside and lighthouse scenes.   A tiny yellow and blue plaid forms small pleats along the bottom.  A little bit of yellow peeks out like the sun beginning to rise along the horizon to say “Good Morning”!

Blue lighthouse window treatment for beach house with quahog shells. Cape Cod master bedroom. See more at

A single window with a custom valance. Three large clam or quahog shells crown the top of these window treatments for beach house.

Seashell beach house window treatments

Detail of Clam shell being used as a holdup for window treatments for beach house bedroom. See more at

Look at the natural details in the shell.  The variations in color show the pure white, ocean blue and the sand. Even the curved growth lines of the shell are like the valance curves. Great design is all about the details.

Master bedroom triple window. Cape Cod master bedroom blue window treatments for beach house. See more at

Curves of the valance follow the triple window.  The two centers raise up to the ceiling to add interest and height to a not so high ceiling.

Since this is a bedroom, privacy is necessary.  Existing mini blinds hide under the valance.  The other windows we did have 2″ Hunter Douglas Alternative wood blinds on them, perfect for a beach house.  Maybe new blinds are on the future priority list, not everything can be done at once.


What do you think of this bedroom?  How would you feel waking up to this room?


Do you have something special to use in a creative window treatment?


Please check back for the sea glass inspired master bath window treatment.


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