6 Ways to Decorate with Your Personal Creations

Needlepoint Pillow
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Decorate With Your Hobby and Crafts

Maybe it’s the long winter that is keeping us indoors or we are looking for a way to express ourselves, but there is a huge surge in adult hobby and crafts.  I have heard from so many of you that you are knitting, quilting, painting, sewing, scrapbooking, jewelry making, doing needlework or planning your spring garden.

Since you have invested so much of your time, talent and love into these creations; why not showcase them in your home?

Decorate your walls and furniture

Here are just a few ideas to spark your imagination….

1. Decorate your walls- Hang a quilt; this is great in the TV room for sound absorption or in the bedroom for a cozy feel.  Click on the photo to enlarge.  Paint a mural. Is there a wall you just don’t know what to do with?  Paint a scene of your favorite place, create some Tromp l’Oeil.

2. Refresh your furniture- A warm knitted throw or quilt on the sofa or at the end of your bed is perfect for any time of the year.  Make a few in different colors to compliment the seasons.  Turn your needlepoint into a pillow for your reading chair.  Add a few jewels for that extra sparkle.

Needlepoint Pillow of a pink bird among green branches with pink blossoms. Window seat cushion and pillows designed by Window Designs Etc. in Sterling, MA

The client’s winter needlepoint project is made into a pillow. It makes a wonderful personal addition to her Sterling, MA window seat.


3. Hang it up- Everything that you create can become art for your walls.  Create a shadow box of the finer jewelry you have made.  Take your favorite scrapbook page and frame it to enjoy whenever you walk by.  Hang your daughter’s favorite dress or sweater you made for her when she was a baby. 

Home accessories that reflect “you”.

4. Accessorize- Put your personal touch everywhere.  Frame photos of last summers garden vegetables and arrange on your mantel.  Make beaded bracelets smaller and use as napkin rings.  Embroider hand towels for the powder room.

5. Your materials are decorations too. – Fill a basket with your leftover yarns and put it on the coffee table.  Ribbons look especially elegant in a crystal bowl and equally cute in a county canning jar.  Make a collage of your materials under a glass top table.

6. My personal favorite – Window Treatments – Over the years, I know that anything can be made into a window treatment.  Here is a beautiful quilt a client made and now it hangs at her back door as a shade!

Handmade Quilt Made into a Roman Shade. How to use your hobby and crafts in home decor

One very talented client created this block quilt. We made it into a Roman shade for her back door. It is a unique expression of creativity. It’s a conversation piece, for sure.

Would you like to incorporate your creations into your home decor?  Contact me and I would be happy to give you some ideas!