Window Treatment Wednesday – Relaxed Roman Shade

Relaxed Roman Shade-

Relaxed Roman Shade-

Decorating Jargon or “Decoratise”?

Have you ever been talking to someone and they are using words that appear to be a foreign language to you? When I’m listening to someone so entrenched in their field of expertise that they are using their own jargon, I’m lost. Although I consider myself pretty worldly, when it’s something new, I like it short and simple.  In terms, I can understand.

You know I LOVE my window treatment and decorating business. I’m afraid that in my decorating excitement I begin to speak “Decoratise” (Yes, I just made that up) and loose some of what I’m trying to convey to my clients.

Window Treatment Wednesday

I’m starting a new weekly blog series to “show and tell” about different types of window treatments. I’ll be posting every Wednesday a new window treatment style with a short description.  You’ll be able to impress your friends and family with your new knowledge of “Decoratise”! Of course, if you see something you would like in our own home, please give me a shout.

Note- I am selected to beta test a new graphics program. A quick tutorial and I was able to create the cool Window Treatment Wednesday graphic.  Do you like it?

Relaxed Roman Shade

A relax Roman shade is a version of a Roman shade that is slightly less rigid so the bottom droops in soft swooping folds. This shade can be operable or stationary.  Most fabrics work best with a stationary or mock relax Roman shade.  If you want the shade to function I recommend a wrinkle-resistant fabric since the folds do need dressing out when the shade goes up and down.  The stationary relaxed Roman shade is a great solution for rooms that are just that, relaxed and casual.  It is used alone as a valance or as a layer with drapery panels. The addition of along the bottom enhances the curve.

You can see more of this room here.

 What decorating terms would you like to learn more about?


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