Throwback Thursday – Nursery From The Early 90’s

Hand painted polka dot curtain rod. See more at

Timeless Nursery Design

Green and yellow baby room. Timeless nursery. Designers Guild fabric. More at by Marie Mouradian

Twenty-four years later and this adorable nursery is still in style today.  A non-gender specific theme of teddy bears is the theme for this Shrewsbury, MA nursery.

A Designer’s Guild fabric was selected from London.

Attention to detail is a true sign of custom.  Check out the hand painted rod the curtain ties onto.

Green and yellow timeless nursery interior design. Shrewsbury, MA Hand painted polka dot curtain rod. See more at by Marie Mouradian

How sweet are these hand painted stuffed bows?

What a fun tieback!

Hand painted dotted bows, green and yellow, make an adorable tieback for this timeless nursery window treatment. See more at by Marie Mouradian

Often the #TBT’s in this series are good for a laugh at the past.

Like the sweet smell of a baby and the softness of its skin, this nursery never gets old.

Good design is timeless!



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