Moreland Tangerine Tango Asymmetric Valance

Tangerine Tango Asymmetric Valance

Tangerine Tango Asymmetric Valance on the worktable and ready to be installed. Gold, green, rust. See more at by Marie Mouradian

On the work table-Dust board covered in matching fabric.

A custom tangerine tango asymmetric valance is ready for installation in a Shrewsbury, MA home. Unless using decorative hardware, most custom window treatments mount onto a dust board that attaches to the wall.  I believe every aspect of a window treatment should be custom so I cover the board with matching fabric.

Yes, I am that particular about the details and hey, you never know who might be peeking behind your gorgeous new window treatments!

Fabric covered buttons on a tangerine tango Asymmetric Valance. Fold conceals the seam on a wide Moreland Valance. Notice how well the fabric pattern matches. See more at by Marie Mouradian

Four button detail

In order for this style to stretch the entire width of the window, requires a seam.  A false placket and buttons hide the seam and become a design detail.  Notice how the pattern matches up perfectly.

The print fabric is a linen and rayon blend from RM Coco, one of my preferred vendors. I have their complete library in my studio.

Details of a Tangerine Tango Asymmetric Valance or Morland Valance. Rust, gold, green pattern. Custom window treatments. See more at by Marie Mouradian

A jabot flips back to show the accent fabric.

Printed fabric is always more interesting combined with a coordinating fabric that highlights one of the colors in the main fabric.  This classic custom window treatment adds a touch of the stylish Tangerine Tango~Pantone color of the year for 2012.

Micro cord in the accent fabric finishes all the edges~another custom design attention to detail. The accent fabric is from Trend it’s available in a variety of colors.

Moreland Tangerine Tango Asymmetric Valance

Moreland valances hanging in the design studio, soon to be installed in a Shrewsbury, MA home. Tangerine Tango Asymmetric Valance See more at by Marie Mouradian

Custom Moreland valances are hanging in the studio awaiting installation.

Valances hang in my studio with special under mount clamps.  I can inspect them before installation to be sure everything is just right.  Note-I have placed the treatments in the opposite position they will be installed, the longer cascades will be towards the ends, not the middle.

If these custom treatments look this good in my studio, can you just imagine how stunning they will look hanging in your home?  Maybe I’ll reveal that in tomorrow’s post!

Are you ready to bring some Tangerine Tango into your rooms?

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