What Do Your Windows Need?

7 Points To Determine What Your Windows Need

What do your windows need?  7 points to consider when selecting window coverings

Windows were created to let the outside light into our homes.  Homes have more and larger windows these days; I love those architects and builders!  Haven’t a clue what to do with your windows?  Here is a list of questions to ask yourself about each of your windows before making your decisions.

  • Do you need privacy? How close are your neighbors?  Do your windows face a busy street?  What is the purpose of the room?  You may feel comfortable if you are seen in your kitchen but not in a bedroom or bath.  At night, can passersby see what you’re watching on TV or what you’re serving for dinner?
  • Can you control the light? Light is a welcome mood booster on a dreary day but what is it doing to your furniture?  Strong UV rays are damaging your carpet, artwork, upholstery and fabric.  Even with low E glass the rays are harmful.  Are you blinded by the rising sun as you eat your breakfast?  Is there a glare on your computer or television screen?

Some things you may not have considered

  • Are your heating and air conditioning dollars going out the window? Glass is a very poor insulator.  Layers of fabric, lining and shadings help keep the heat in during winter and the summer heat out.  The right window treatment selections can lower your energy bills and save you money.
  • How secure are you? Are your windows easily accessible?  Would someone be able to peer in and see your valuables?  How safe do you feel alone at night with the lights on?
  • What about child safety? Curious little hands can give you big worries.  Dangling cords are cause for serious dangers.  Don’t forget about your pet’s safety too.
  • Is noise an issue? Do you live on a busy street with lots of loud traffic?  Want to improve the sound of your audio system?  Sound waves are better absorbed by some soft fabric instead of bouncing off the glass.
  • Do you have something to hide? Want to create an illusion and visually alter the size of your windows?  Do you have different size windows that you need to unify?
  • Want to add some style? Do your windows need some decoration?  Do your rooms have that cold hospital feeling?  Want to add some color? Window treatments add psychological warmth and comfort.

Window treatments are more than something pretty to look at.  A well-designed window treatment will transform a stark window into an extraordinary statement of beauty and function.  The mood and overall feel you establish in your rooms is a reflection of you. Create your home to be a safe haven for you and your family.

If you need help with your windows and you would like to transform your house into a home you love, contact me.